My Last Night

Arrived at the DisneySea park again today for my final day. The crowds were considerable, and definitely more than Monday. Given we are currently in the low season, and a lot of the surrounding car parks are still empty, I would hate to be here on a busy day. Once those gates went up at 10am it was mayhem again, and this time I thought I should capture the moment. There are a few pictures below of just part of the crowd out the front before entering the gates, and another of the queue inside the park for the Toy Story ride within minutes of the park opening. People rush to the rides first up which means they extend the queues out into the public walkways using temporary ropes, but as the day progresses and people spread out and do other things it becomes a bit more relaxed and they are removed again. I walked at a bit faster than normal pace, but was not in a full speed frenzy like some of them. It’s almost an accident waiting to happen (i’m sure it would have happened) as people are running and dodging people and other obstacles. I was knocked into a few times usually by the teenage kids or the adults who are basically dragging their kids by the hand. The main thing I wanted to get out of today was to do the Tower of Terror again, so headed straight over and got a fast pass. This gave me more than an hour to have a bit of a wander and do a few other things with shorter lines. Having wanted to do the Tower of Terror for quite a while I did enjoy it, however would be interested to actually hear the story behind the theme of the ride in English rather than Japanese. After doing a few other things around the park and buying a few last minute things, I got to the point early afternoon where I had enough. Reading my pamphlets last night I realised when I visited the Disney Store the other day at the shopping centre and was quite disappointed, this is because I was at the wrong one. On the other side of the shopping centre is a free standalone building, so after dropping in there on the way back to the hotel I found it would have been a one stop shop for pretty much everything I found in the parks. Back at the hotel I visited the game arcade, but only because when I checked it I was given coupons for free games. After playing for a little bit and it not really entertaining me (I was the only one there), I headed off and passed the rest of the coupons onto a family on their way in. Spent a bit of time starting to reorganise my bags again; I am really hoping everything makes it back in one piece. My last trip in Europe seen a few fragile items broken in transit, so I am hoping with better packing and a new harder shell suitcase everything will be fine. I made use of the club lounge again this evening including supper which was basically a few snacks/light meal. I had considered doing the full buffet downstairs, however at about $55 and not being overly hungry I think its just a waste of my money. Took a few good sunset photos of Mt Fuji too.