Counting down the days

Although I was going to sit with a Disney park view for breakfast this morning, I chose again to look out over the ocean as the visibility was very clear and I could easily see Mt Fuji in the distance (see photo). Although I have seen it a couple of times now from Tokyo, today was the best view yet. I think I could be a little closer to it now too given if I look out of the window on the opposite side of the building I can see the Tokyo Sky Tree giving me an idea the direction I have come from. I did a bit of wandering around the hotel grounds for a little bit after breakfast before deciding to head off. Today I decided to revisit DisneyLand again rather than visiting DisneySea which have put me in the same park 2 days in row. Catching the monorail it seemed most of the crowds were getting off at DisneySea park which would hopefully mean DisneyLand will be that little bit quieter, and once I was in and looking at the ride times throughout the day it also seemed to confirm this. Compared to Sunday, most rides had less than half an hour waiting times, and only occasionally peaking over this for short periods. It seems however when they have smaller crowds they also leave the FastPass system off for some attractions, so could only use it for the really major rides. I rode Space Mountain today having not done it on Sunday, and being to Disneyland Paris a few years back I can say it is no where near as good. I guess this is why the one at Disneyland Paris is called Space Mountain 2 and therefore it is an updated version. I was hoping to catch a few more rides on Splash Mountain which is the one ride they allow me to go straight to the front as a single rider, however it has now been closed up for maintenance and redevelopment so I am glad I did it the other day. Having done the major rides a couple of times, by early afternoon I was a bit over it, so went and did some shopping instead before calling it a day. Returning to the hotel I started going some bag reshuffling to try and make sure breakables stay in one piece for the flight home, but nothing is ever guaranteed. Being back earlier tonight also meant I could visit the club floor lounge for supper which turned out to be a few nibblies in addition to the drinks which were already available anyway.