Let’s try skiing again

An early start to the day and another delicious breakfast was provided, similar to yesterday’s. We started our trek up the road to hit the slopes at 8:30am, this time I was armed with my second pair of goggles. We were some of the early birds to get the chairlift and it had been snowing all night and continued to have a light flurry which made a great cover and smooth run for our first couple of runs. We decided to stay on the lower slopes today for better visibility which proved to be good decision considering it snowed constantly all day. This was the first time I had skied in powder snow which was a little different to what I am used too, mainly because I would have seen a rise in the snow (which was primarily ice) and gone over it at speed, probably ending up in the air and then on my ass, however now the skis just plough straight through it. Although my goggles were better, they still were not without their issues as when they started getting a little moist with no air flowing through inside they kept fogging up . Scott was kind enough to swap his with me which seemed OK, and we found they were mainly fogging due to the moisture inside. I’ll try again tomorrow! We skied until early afternoon doing the same couple of lower slopes until everyone was starting to freeze and our legs were sore. Given we still had a few hours left in the day, we dumped our ski gear at the rental shop and jumped on the gondola and headed right to the top of the mountain so I could get some photos of the snow monsters which are basically the snow covered trees. We did wander outside, however it was only for a few brief minutes because the temperature was at -8 degrees and the wind/snow at blizzard conditions. This was enough to allow me to get my photos. The snow monsters are still forming, but by February it is the best time to view them as the snow is at its thickest. The restaurant at the top made for a nice escape from the cold along with hot cocoa and hot chips. After heading back down to the hotel some hot showers were due, followed by round 2 with the massage chair. I don’t think I will ever know what the selections are on the Japanese menu, but I figure if I try a different setting every day I will find a favourite. After hoping for a hot dinner tonight, we were presented with some soups and stews which hit the spot just right. As per previous nights we also had a handful of other courses (11 courses tonight to be exact) with us not knowing what quite a few of them were, but that aside still going down pretty well anyway (see photos).

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    • Thanks for the great photos. I didn’t realise they had sooooooooo much snow there. Stay safe and keep the photos coming!

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