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Well as most of you might know by now I am off on another overseas adventure, this time to Japan for some skiing and sightseeing. By the time I leave in early-mid January it will have been just over 3 years since my last trip (you can check out it’s blog here so figured it was time for another. To give you a bit of a summary of what i’m doing, I spend the first 8 days skiing at Zao Onsen in the Yamagata district ( This is a pretty traditional ski resort and is known to be quite laid back and very quiet at times, yet with a 10km ski run from top to bottom it should keep me pretty worn out. Next I am off to Tokyo for 7 days where I plan to see the local sights, do some shopping, and a go on a day trip to Mt Fuji. For my last 4 days I am heading over to Tokyo Disneyland; something I can’t pass up for a few reasons, 1. Have already done Disneyland Paris and Disney World Florida so can’t stop now when I am almost half way to visiting them all. 2. My sister Marnie has one up on me having been to Disneyland Hong Kong, so I need to even out the sibling rivalry. 3. I am still a big kid who loves a good theme park. My hotel room is supposed to be overlooking the park, so hopefully it doesn’t disappoint. My last day in Japan I will spend packing up, doing some last minute shopping, and making my way back to the airport to fly home. All of that should keep me pretty busy for a few weeks, so now I just need to stop spending money so I have more to spend while I am over there. It’s looking to be a busy few years from here with a few more overseas trips already being planned in the years that follow. This blog will be pretty quiet until I go, but be sure to check back while I am away to see what i’m up to and my latest holiday snaps!

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